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The optimal assortment – more than 30 well-known stationery brands independently import the most necessary goods in order to offer you the best quality at the lowest prices, B2B Korall supports the national manufacturer and even produce seals and stamps ourselves! B2B Korall is happy to offer you the optimal assortment of goods to ensure uninterrupted your office work. It will select stationery for your interior and budget. B2B Coral 2021 order-your-goods-get-gift

We are 25 years old:

The main achievement of B2B Korall work in the stationery market, It considers more than 3000 regular clients from various fields of activity, throughout Ukraine, who trust us.

It is the colossal experience of servicing very different clients that allows us to constantly optimize our range and the list of services that you need, to anticipate all your needs and desires.


known stationery brands:

B2B Korall imports the most necessary goods ourselves to offer you the best quality at the lowest prices, we support the national manufacturer and even make seals and stamps ourselves!

B2B Korall offers you the best range of products to ensure the smooth operation of your office. It will select stationery for your interior and budget.

The motto of B2B Korall is more than stationery. B2B Korall take full responsibility for providing your office with everything you need: B2B Coral 2021 order-your-goods-get-gift

> Paper.
> Stationery.
> Household. goods.
> office equipment and household appliances for the kitchen, office furniture.
> Presentation goods.
> Food, water and disposable dishes.
> Production of seals and stamps.
> Refilling and restoration of cartridges.
> Development and printing of printing and souvenir products.

Warehouse with an area of ​​400 sq. m and our own transport of 6 trucks allows us to provide you with everything you need and carry out timely delivery within 24 hours after placing an order.

The network of stationery stores “Kantskorally” is B2B Korall:

5 shops, sales area over 650 sq.m. – stationery for schools and offices, for children and their parents – a wider choice than in the office channel.

If you love stationery as much as we love them, if it gives you pleasure to first touch and touches everything before ordering -It’s all for it! It’s delivered for free from 1000 UAH.

Gifts that B2B Korall prepared for you in 2021:

It is easy and simple to work with us – we are transparent, hopeful and predictable. We will take care of you, and you will have more time for your business.

It’s time to place an order and don’t forget to register to get a discount!





February 2, 2021

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