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Total Battle

Total Battle Tips and Tricks for Amateur’s


It’s an uncommon event when we run into a game like Total Battle: Tactical Strategy, which spins for the most part around battle and fighting. Conversely with other war games, which make them spend numerous hours building up your town and developing your military prior to taking part in the fighting, Total Battle drops you straight into the center of battle as you’ll need to battle your way around the globe map in the event that you need to endure.

Total battle [SOI] Many Geos

Total Battle Game

With a title so unique in relation to the wide range of various war games out there, you should change your methodology in Total Battle appropriately in the event that you need to succeed. Fortunately, we’ve assembled a rundown of convenient tips and goodies of data that you can use for your potential benefit in this title.


In case you’re new at these kinds of games—or regardless of whether you’re a veteran of the class however haven’t attempted this particular game previously—, at that point you’ll do great to investigate our tips and deceives for beginning in Total Battle

Total Battle Game

A Different Approach to Warfare

Total Battle Game

The individuals who have played other war games before will see one principle contrast in Total Battle. In particular, the way that this game places fighting above all the other things. In this sense, the main tip we can give is that you change your methodology in like manner.

Regardless of whether you appreciate playing as a broker/radical in other comparable games, this methodology will not go anyplace as there are a few imperative assets that you can just get from taking on in Total Conflict; Valor being one of them.

Total Battle

Total Battle

While you’ll additionally need to put in almost no time in your town redesigning constructions and raising new structures, you’ll most likely be meandering everywhere on the world guide, searching for NPC foes to assault just as graves to investigate.

Moreover, you will likewise as often as possible compensation visits to fields utilizing your victors as these are additionally an extraordinary wellspring of additional materials for your town. Obviously, there are likewise many social affairs focuses on the guide where you can send your military to gather and take materials back to your town.

So, the world guide is a higher priority than any time in recent memory in Total Battle, in any event when contrasted with different games in the class.

To capitalize on your time in this game, you need to bring an end to liberated from the propensity for investing the greater part of your energy around, and rather put some exertion into searching wealth out in the immense open world.

Make the Most out of the 24-Hour Boost

Subsequent to completing the initial not many missions of the instructional exercise, you’ll get perhaps the most impressive lifts to drive your underlying advancement, the Novice Boost. This amazing buff significantly accelerates your walks, lessens restoration cost, enacts your Watchtower, and permits you to accelerate ANY development project for nothing.

As you can figure, this help is a gigantic resource for your town in the initial 24 hours of the game, and you’ll have to take advantage of it in the event that you need to endure.

Here several things that you should zero in on while the Novice Boost is dynamic:

Wrap up any forthcoming development projects Total Battle Game

While the Novice Boost is dynamic, you can basically accelerate any and every development project in your town. You should utilize this period to propel your town however much you can. Nonetheless, given that you will not need to stand by until your developments finish normally, your significant requirement for this will be assets; you basically will not have enough assets to construct all that you need, which carries us to our next point.

Total battle [SOI] Many Geos

Train the Right Troops

At the start of your time in Total Battle, you’ll need huge loads of assets to build up your town however much you can. During this underlying improvement pound, you should scour the guide for assets, as we referenced previously. Notwithstanding, this implies that you’ll likewise have to prepare the correct soldiers for the work.


Since the heap limit of each unit shifts by the kind of troop, you will need to think about preparing those with the most noteworthy burden, which can bring back the most assets on each social event undertaking. In Total Battle, the correct soldiers for this errand are the Spearmen, who can convey 250 units of burden, contrasted with the 200 units that Riders can convey, or the 100 units that bowmen can bear.



Besides the distinctions in burden limit, each type unit additionally has its own qualities and shortcomings against different troopers, which is a subject for some other time, yet in addition something you’ll have to factor into your war technique as you proceed.

Total battle [SOI] Many Geos

Proceed with the Story Missions

At whatever point you end up without realizing what to do, think about after the principal story missions. Not exclusively are these errands simple and snappy, yet they likewise give assets as remunerations for finishing each progression. Besides, these missions additionally open advancement toward the principle “story” however this account is generally insignificant when it’s all said and done. All things considered, the individuals who like to look into the legend of their #1 games will presumably savor the way that the choices you make in the primary story influence the occasions, and even reflect in the closure of the story, giving you various titles relying upon your choices.

Total battle [SOI] Many Geos

While Total Battle: Tactical Strategy is a war and success game in its own right, it includes a few components that set it apart from different titles in the class. The way that you need to zero in for the most part on war instead of building up your town causes it to stand apart among the rest and will be an alluring game for the individuals who just need to wreck stuff and overcome different players. In the event that you preferred the tips we shared above, don’t hesitate to share your own procedures and counsel in the segment beneath to take care of your kindred gamers!




February 19, 2021

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